Skate something new!

Almost directly across from Brooklyn Banks, is the eight set. It is in front of a building entrance, so be cautious of people walking in and out. The runway is smooth si...

Metal Quarters, escalator manual pad, pyramid, jungle gym and some sweet graf yo.

There is a 5 set and a 6 set in the front but if you climb the gate there is a huge set of stairs. There is a bunch of stairs, ledges and rails. You can film some pretty...

Barriers that have been cemented into a little quarterpipe. Rough as fuck. You have to climb a fence.

This spots rails are perfect to skate they're a little over two feet high and fun to skate kickout is about fifteen minutes and the ground is smooth all around. small s...

it is a park. not very big but it has the only sk8 park in my city.

Marble ledges on the sidewalk on the corner of the building.

The triangle planter needs waxing every time but its skateable once schools out and there really isn’t much else to this spot.

This building has a fun set 20 feet of runand smooth run and landing. The set can be skated during the day just wait until after 5 and have some fun.

hella slicked out ledge,sittin at about knee height. dont let your board shoot out cause it'll be run over in a second. the good thing is that there is no bust