Skate something new!

5 ft long gap with fire hydrant to clear. amazing run up and no bust here

Spots been on sale forever smooth spot into street not really busy street noones going to kick you out. so have at the spot and just skate it.

knee high marble ledges that sit in a window seal. just make sure you dont break the window and you'll be fine.have fun

Hit the stair up. Everything you need, run up and shit

Small for sure but fun nonetheless. NO KICKOUT!

Man-made ledges on tennis courts

Ollie out of bank over ledge. lots of run up fun stuff

This five is a quick kickout (10-15 min) skates really well 25 ft of smooth run with a nice 12 ft landing. the spots great. have fun.

A good street park in Tucson. Good for filming lines. 2 benches, a funbox with hubbas, manny pad, flatbar, table, slanted rail, 2inch high rail, kink rail, round striagh...

was one of the only good spots in gallatin, but was taken over by concrete trucks. you can see the startings on the map.