Skate something new!

it has yellow painted waxed curbs in the parking lot which is not busy at times it has a huge flat area very smooth never crowded and an ok loading dock with a decent dr...

Small bank with lip to slide on, and gap into street

Ledges with pretty smooth ground. straight out ledge on the 6 stair.

6 stair, bush gap, loading dock. Never get kicked out.

plastic material mid shin high ledge set up. this place is awesome if your stuck on a rainy day. theres no bust as long as the park guys dont come in. you got this place...

sidewalk bump to waist high ledge, smooth for slides. watch your board flying into traffic. no bust,lit by street lights

This Is a fun little four its a quick kick out but it's fun theres a good amount of run (20ft) and its smooth so give it a shot.

Everything you wanted.

This is just a fun stair set. No real kickout factor just a fun spot that is chilling downtown.

The Vaselakos stairs are narrow and have some foot traffic but kick out factor is low and The positives far outweigh the negatives.