Skate something new!

Double set 4 flat 4. Bryan Herman 3 flips it in Baker 3.

Marble ledges and stairs. Park where I have the marker and then go out and turn left onto the street and then go up those stairs immediately to your left.

if your are in to long boarding this hill gets very steep but when you hit Fellers Ln it levals out and you can coast all the way to Palm Ave

nice super waxed up ledge. one side over a gap. and good run up both ways, almost. you can't see it in the map cause its new...yo

The blockbuster four has two identical stairsets that are separated by 100 ft of flat. Great for filming lines and just skating. after five you wont get kicked and eve...

This thing is about a foot and a half wide and dropping in from the top to roll out will drop you in the street skating this thing is a lot of fun and getting kicked out...

A white ledge over some stairs to a waist high drop

sidewalk with bump to ledge.ledge is about mid shin to knee from bump. hella smooth surface. no bust, and no lights at night

Rooftop Gap, Dirt Gap (Handrails), Polejams, Barriers, Etc.

The shiloh 7 is a little more into Jax. a pretty relaxed spot with run up and landing. it can get a little busy during the day so play it safe and bust out at night