Skate something new!

a wide-ish 6 stair in front of the public library. pretty smooth cement, with good run in room and everything. watch out for the usual downtown security.

Super awesome park, one of the better ones in Oregon, for sure. Many additions have been added since this photo was taken, namely, the two half pipes in the background ...

Within the apartments, you'll find one of the few good manual pads downtown Manhattan has to offer. It's a little over a foot high, fully marble, about four feet wide, a...

This bank is closed on weekends and is a great spot getting over the wood is a footand a half the brick is actually shorter. It's a wonderfully smooth spot to skate. j...

massive 25 stair rail check james hardy's photo in slap magazine just go and stare in awe

This set is small but fun lots of run smooth ground and no kickout great for a quick warm up or if youre hungover and just not feeling it.

dont die of toxic stuff

downward sloped ramp that speeds you to a 4 stair. its fun spot to skate and theres no bust. so hit it up

4 ft grass gap. this one sits in front of a furniture store. as you can see there are displays out when its open. so hit this one after they close. its got lights

a long side walk for run up a rock thing with bushes that goes into a parking lot