Skateboarding Spots in Colorado

A drainage ditch with 2 drop-offs. Each drop is about 4-5ft, and has a bank on either side, essentially creating a narrow halfpipe. It's great for high drop tricks or 18...

A triple set of 3 stairs each with a kinked rail on the side. Good for a sick ass grind or a stair line.

Under the I-25 Interchange Bridge, there are huge banks. Some are steeper than others so there are a lot of edges to grind.

A huge ass gap behind the black eyed pea.

A really sketchy extended 4 set with a wooden rail.

A fat 5 set outside the catholic church. Watch out for the nuns.

A 5 flat 5 staircase with a double-kinked rail. There's some high ledges in the area and plenty of benches. The benches are made of a sketchy material, but they're ridable.

The entrance to the CSU Psych building has stairs and handicap ramps with rails. On the sides there are some nice ledges and a bank.

4 different sets of stairs, ranging from 6-15. Nice flatrails on all the sets. Really sketchy brick approach to all stairs. The whole building is surrounded by a bank.

Loading dock behind the school district building. It has a metal edge and a huge bank right next to it.

Manual it the long way or the short way, but it's hard to get enough speed for the lomg way.

An elementary school stair set. 6 flat 6 flat 6. The flats aren't very big, so you've gotta be fast. Nice kinked rails on the side.

A huge bank with ledges on the back of an ice rink. Not to steep, but really slippery. Heavy traffic because it's right across the street from the bus station.

4 privately owned medical practices clumped together in a secluded area. The owners don't get mad unless you skate during business hours. Anythings good after 5. There's...

A small bank with 2 sets of stairs. One set is a 5, the other is an extended 3. There's a curb right before both sets, making it a bit more challenging.

A 4 set and a manual pad.

It's a good set of stairs, but you can only get a few tricks off before you'll have to leave, cuz the old people who live there hate skaters and they've got the cops on ...

Lots of ledges, and lots of stairs. The best part is a rail that drops to a bank.

A massive amount of ledges. Some ledges drop down to other ledges, some drop to an incline. No shortage of benches either.

All the stairs are double or triple sets. Easy ledges.

Small skate park with 2 boxes, a bowl, a quarterpipe, a bowl, ledges, and benches.

The art center is built on a huge slope, so there's several huge staircases, some great gaps, and lots of ledges. It's almost impossible to skate for more than a minute ...

A huge bank next to a 13-stair. The rails good except for a small kink right at the end. There's a 5-stair and a bunch of ledges at the front of the building.

A small park with a 4 set and lots of ledges and beches.

A 6ft concrete platform in the Colorado State University-Pueblo parking lot. Smooth start, sketchy landing.