Skateboarding Spots in Florida

John Montesi's Westside Skateshop

Best park in the USA. Tampa am/pro held here every year. They change courses every year for the competition. There are rails, stairs, a bowl, a vert ramp, a kiddie cours...

10 stair, pretty famous, dont get run over when you land!

um ground is really weird its not like cement its that really really thing fake grass but its easy enough to ride on and its liek a steep bank/qp type thing

there is a few 6 stairs and a five stair most with skateable handrails one has a crack in the run room and at the bottom soo.. you just go to the other ones um good spot...

pretty big gap only one person has done it smooth landing and run room dont really get kicked out and um its straight

seven stair police can be trouble here just because the cops in the area are dicks but its a perfect 7 stair fine run room and landing

Seven Stair with brick run up

SMOOTH run room and landing room and plenty of it both ways not completely flat but not really high its really fun and as long as you go on holidays or weekends you dont...

uh few boxes pyramids ledges rails half pipe skatepark stuff no pads required

across from some baseball feild lots of run room THIS GAP IS HUGE! about 5 1/2 feet high and about 20 or so feet long smooth street landing owners are nice they let you ...

Big gap coming off of a loading dock into a street

run room is pletiful but iffy shigles wear off and its kinda like sandy i mean it doesnt slow you down but its slippery coppers are a problem here

uh not that big good for warm up vacant building by rooms to go kids good run good land not that much hieght but not completely flat

lots of run room into the street pretty big its kinda fun i guess

perfect six stair kinda not enough run room but youll get over it its enough if you make it enough never get kicked out ledge to ollie of next to it its realllllyyyy fun

long semi flat but not really gap bigger one and smaller one never get kicked out pretty fun to skate

no pads boxes half pipe quarter pipe ledges manual pads handrail stuff like that pretty fun

There are two benches and a buttery ledge that rises to a nice drop, I also found you can flip the benches and use the railing to grind on. ohh yeah no one will yell at you

9-stair rail,short runnup mostly used for rail, 2 flat 1, ledge gap,loading docks, white curbs,5 stairs

decent sized gap with long runup. be careful of landing cars, and a pond on other side

8 stair, 4 stairs, high 4 stair hubba.

6 stair, bush gap, loading dock. Never get kicked out.

Good sized grass gap. Come early or get kicked out. Not much landing room but a lot of room to get speed.

umm i dont get this map? its a rather new developement so this map must be old cuz it just shows construction site but its there by LA fitness they are pretty steep bank...