Skateboarding Spots in Illinois

lots of wooden curbs to grind on. they come in different sizes.

a basi 5 stair with no handrail. not the best landing but it wont skrew u up. lots of run up room and landing

everything from stairs to gaps to ledges. anything you can think of for street skating.

wells biotch go and check it out for yourself

a nice 6 stair with plent of run up. a kinked hand rail on the left of it witch is semi hard. although once u land u role about 5-10 feet before running into a wall. bu...

This is like an area to skate in. There's just lots of stuff to skate, ya know? Should be okay there on weekends.

There a 5ft and a half loading dock, then another loading dock with a piller next to it that you can go over.

This is in burrill hall. You can skate the stairs, the manual pad, or the ledge.

This is a low, long, mellow, square rail. You need a small sign for a crack about 3 feet before the set. For this spot, your going to want to skate it during the week or...

This thing is massive! Only been ollied, anything besides an ollie is pretty sick. Decent amount of run up, landing is fine. After 5 or Saturdays and Sundays are best.

Video pretty much describes it, plenty of run up, good landing. Bring wax! It's part of the university, any time after 5 or saturdays and sundays. Across the street fro...

Curved run up to a manual pad to drop. Unless someone calls you will be okay skating there. Looks tight on film, have fun.

Really low rail to drop. Just depends whether or not lots of students are around

Super scary spot, this would be more for skating the rail which is right up against the wall. Your run up is fine and so is the landing.

Okay amount of run up, enough to skate. Pretty much just a six stair.

Steep 8 stair, rails aren't skateable. Can't skate during school hours, other then that whenever works.

9 stair rail. Sign isn't necessary but is probably preferable. This spot is best at night almost always.

Fun little spot to warm up on. There's a marble ledge/manual pad and there's a 5 stair.

Ledge with gravel under it so you can grind over the gravel.

Skinny (about 2 feet wide) steep bank that a lot of people skate.

Ledge that goes over a grate