Skateboarding Spots in Maine

either grind it of just jump off, its up to u.

There are some nice stairs right in front of green sleeves, watch out for andy the crazy owner. he'll be pissed if he sees you and if he does run away.

Nice gap in front of the public library, a few places to grind around the parking lot 2

Theres a nice set of stairs right next to a buliding across the way from bergers bike shop. Plus ther are a couple of other spots to grind as well.

Huge gap/ledge to jump off of. Its into a parking lot so be sure no cars are parked right in front of your landing spot.

It doesent show it on the map but our school let us put together a skate park since its illegal 2 skate anywhere else i always use it after school and people use it in t...

Nice stairs and a sick concrete place to grind. Watch out for teachers or anyone that works at the school, u'll be in huge trouble if the catch u, believe me i'd know.

A ledge going up the side of a wheel chair ramp.

A seven stair loading dock with short run up right behind the High School

a six stair with short run up and rough landing

Two white plastic barriers in a parking lot

a wall on the bridge with some transition for wallriding

Were the old Forum use to be. A grass gap from the old pool building over and a low cinder block wall, over the grass into the parking lot

A white ledge over some stairs to a waist high drop

This is extremely dangerous, I would reccomend being very expirenced if u wann try 2 ride down the mount A road. Ive never done it bc im not insane.