Skateboarding Spots in Massachusetts

Loaded with potential. theres a 5 set in there with a small handrail, and a peally big gap. the only part is. you would have to find them yourself. im not familiar with ...

There are a few banks, a kicker gap and a kicker. abandoned building so theres not getting kicked out. awesome place to skate.

Angle Iron ledge, Bump over sidewalk, flatground.

Theres a few ramps and rails. Nice place to skate. watch out for kids on scooters.

All over the college there are nice sets. under one of the walkways there is a really, reallyyyyy nice bank.

fountain manual pad/ledge only skateble during fall and winter

ledges, 3 set, very fun

Its in the pj ladd video a lot

There is many ledges, a ledge gap, a small 2 set leading up to a 5 set sidewalk gap. big area for lines. it has recently been done over and complet so it is all new conc...

4 set, hubba, hand rail, bench, picnic table, quarter pipes, mini ramps, jersey barriers, and flat bar

ledes, gaps, sets, manual pads

up ledge fs for goofys and bs for regs only