Skateboarding Spots in Michigan

Butter benches and there's an 8 stair

Grass gap bring a crow bar to move the parking blocks

3 flat curb gap that lands into blacktop parking lot.

2 flat 2 double set. There's not a lot of run up but it's enough.

7 Stair with a rail on it but it's kinked the stair set is good but it's long.

Free Cement with Skate lite ramps. Smooth ground. No pads. Good warm up spot.

two sets of 3 stairs. a ledge and an 8 stair

5 flat curb at an abandoned cinema the ground is rough

Flat gap and then a about a 5 foot drop.

Flat gaps and an 8 stair handrail

Metal flat bar then a gap at the end. good for lines

Metal Ledge Spot

8 stair handrail there is another 8 stair behind the rail so kids bring wood and lay it down on the stairs to get speed for the rail.

Perfect grass gap with smooth run up and landing looks a lot like the gap Justin Elderidge Sw Hardflips in his Hot Chocolate part.

its got two 5 stairs with alright run up, handrails on both sets, a drop with run up but very thin, and banks raised off the ground about 4 inches. me and my friend have...

boxes, tabletops, hubbas, mini, drops, spine. flat bars, c rail, and a kink rail.

4 stair with a straight out ledge

Skatepark. You don't have to wear a helmet if you are older than 18. It's kind of slippery but it's a really fun park. There's a big 4 block bunch of little vert ramps. ...

Gold mellow circle rail with straight out metal ledges on the side

7 Stair handrail seen in a lot of Michigan videos

pole jam, 3 small/medium gaps,6 foot flat gap,1 large gap,2 ledges(both 1 foot high)(one is about 8-10 feet long,8 in wide)(one is about 5 feet long, 2-3 feet wide), sma...