Skateboarding Spots in New Jersey

a sweet grass gap right when you pull in about 3 ft long going into the driveway. on the other side, there is a loading dock and a 7 set with a lot of run up. there is a...

a line of stores that usually close on sundays. there are ledges,stairsets,gaps,and sketchy wallrides. most good spots are in the back but if the cops find you, they wil...

Cement streetcourse. Cement clover shaped bowl.

big 4 block sorta sketchy run up and short landing befor you go in to grass

A grass and dirt gap that goes from 3 feet high and 3 feet wide to around 10 feet high and 3 feet wide

pretty steep banks INSIDE stadium but has really smooth concrete

super nice ledges knee high

2 stair ledge 9 stair huge double set (12 flat 13) small double set (2 flat 4) with not much run up ledge with gap

This spot is one of the best spots i've skated. It has really waxy ledges because alot of my friends skate their too. It has what we call the "67 box". It's basically a ...

2 planters knee high heavily waxed,5 foot long they are outfront of some stores so be prepared to be kicked out.

portable skatepark in small industrial park lot. only open on Saturdays...

2 pyramids. Some stairs. Some chunky ledges.

This is located right beside the Municipal building. the park is fairly small. Has an interesting curve bench with a top and bottom edge lined with metal coping. everyth...

it is one of the best skateparks in da state

Pyramid. Quarter pipes. Banks. Mini ramps.

it is kinda sk8table

it is a park. not very big but it has the only sk8 park in my city.

4 ft bowl. 4 foot mini. 3 ft mini. quarterpipes. pyramid. metal ramps

Multiply sets 16, 2, 3,4,5,6,9,7 cancrept bank

Spacious concrete bowl with rounded "coping", 5' miniramp/rail box, one straight rail, one curved rail, one kinked rail. Free for everyone, just bring a helmet in case t...