Skateboarding Spots in North Carolina

a skatepark owned and ran by skaters, the untitled team skates there all the time. and Jared Lee (pro) lives in waynesville, works and hangs there all the time. The regu...

this school has the sickest 6 and 7 ive ever seen

The Spot has EVERYTHING. Its blown out to North Carolina residents, its like our Hollywood High or Wilshire and or Carlsbad, put into one spot, its perfect and has marbl...

A big slab of cement with a ledge, grass gaps, and a grindable ledge.

Middle school 9 stair, 4 6 stairs, loading dock, 12 ledge, and garbage can gap

Has great rails and bnks. Has a 5 ft and 10ft pool. Outside the gates in a 7 stair with a rail.

lots of stairs, lots of rails. and a hugh 4 block

4 bowls. Costs 2 bucks. got a street course and a ten foot drop, plus a spine and yuro.