Skateboarding Spots in Texas

lots of tranny, decent flow, kinda dangerous

usually packed, go during school hours. parks and recreation, closes at 11. big bowl with huge pyramid in it. metal pyramid, quarter pipe, weird euro gap/hubba/stair com...

Lots of Benches, Ledges, 9 stair set, gates and police

1 8 ft. round rail, 1 6 ft. bench, 2 long ledges with coping, 1 long ledge w/o coping, 4 ft. high ledge with short run-up, parks and recreation, open late

good flow, big open ditch, medium-high banks

8 ft round rail, 6 ft square rail, 1 1/2 foot x 6 ft box,(2) 1 ft x 8 ft box, (2) 8 ft quarter pipes, 4 ft quarter pipe, 4 ft ramp, pyramid with flat/down squared rail, ...

gap up to manny pad/loading dock

nice ledges pic soon

9 stair handrail no kink

the whole area is full of manny pads , a couple of 7 stairs, long hubba, a skatepark and some rails out back some grass gaps and a 11 stair too

a 5' Pryamid with a bottom step that is 4' bigger than the top

Lots of stair sets

Voted one of the best outdoor parks in Tx

Stair sets with nice handrails

Its a drainage ditch that is always dry

a grass gap thats about 6 ft tall

an old water park. its like a snake run

huge grass gap

nine stair hand rail

9 stair with a hubba

it is amazing town to skate and stairs everywhere in the town

its a bust on the weekdays

Biggest skatepark in El Paso, TX y'all. Super duper flow. Lights until 10pm (although it's crowded at night).