Skateboarding Spots in Washington

securitys mild sum small manual pads and a big curb almost like a ledge den theres da big rocky grass gap in the parking lot good news is if u need wax or snap ur board ...

small 5 stair with handrail, oversized 5 stair, small gap into the alley.

4 flat 3, a ledge thats about 5 feet, a ledge thats about 6 feet, oversized 4 &handrail, oversized 5 &handrail, Jersey Barriers, a bank into the street, a marble bank.

a ledge thats about 5 feet high, a ledge to bank gap, gap. make sure you leave before the security guards talk to you. and dont fall off the edge of the ledge.

little skatepark under the freeway

the m.l.s.c crew skates there no bikers are allowed realy fun plenty to skate and plenty to try always something new to try here

this place is sik not alot of skaters big pools a kidney pool i think is wat its called half of a full pipe thing and a gap on one edge of the pool

its an elementary skool so obviously cant skate there at noon on weekdays. dey hav 3 circle dings lik in the black guy who had a part right b4 daewon song in love child....

A place you can skate in the Everett Area.

dis spot is mainly 4 bikers unless u hav a mountain bord wich ive nevr actually seen in real life so i dont no if they r real but if u hav a bike a mountain bord den dis...

A 6 stair with a grass gap next to it

at dis spot is pretty much ware youll find every sk8er in dis town its not a big skool but it has a manual pad some red curbs a 3 stair in front sum benches a slide n a ...

there are 2 manual pads made of brick lil shorter dan a curb 2 ollie up theres sum 3 steps wit a small round handrail one has da sk8stoppers poped off, n dars sum waxed ...

its a dirt gap with 1 sidewalf block in the middle to mak da gap smaller 4 roller bladders

its a grass gap about 4 ft long

A place where you can play different sports at in Mill Creek.