The Base

Not really on the base, but close. Basically its an old foundation that is swept out and they keep some scrap steel there. There are 2 small beams that are skatable and movable, one bigger eye beam with unlimited possibilities, a real small manny pad we made out of scraps and a place to chill off to the side. Security: as long as you're just skating and having fun, no one will bother you. We've been booted once only because we were skating the stairs in front of one of the buildings around it. If you stay at the foundation spot you won't get kicked out. This spot is behind a pre-school, so if you go during the day you'll likely have an audience but be role models dont curse or smoke blunts or freak out during school hours, that might motivate them to start kicking kids out. All in all its a great spot to skate, very secluded and really smooth. You can really set it up so that you just flow lines all day. It's definitely fun.